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Web Design & Redesign

MJsoft Development build custom web designs or use existing website templates upon the request of our customers.

Does your website need a makeover?

If the answer is yes, I’m not surprised because more than half of the websites on the entire internet are outdated in their design and functionality. If your site is one of those that needs a redesign, consider my Website Redesign Service

Stop Delaying Your Website Redesign

You’ve probably known for a long time that your website needs a makeover but you’ve probably been putting off redesigning your website for the following reasons:

  • Too expensive
  • Not enough time
  • You don’t want to do it yourself
  • You don’t think your website design is that important to website visitors

The Simple & Affordable Website Redesign Solution

My Website Redesign Service is designed for people with the concerns listed above because it is simple, affordable and the end result will be a website that will impress your friends,clients,and customers.

  Web Redesign service for only 490$*

Here is what you get for 490$

  • Your website completely redesigned using the content from your existing site or new content provided by you
  • Unlimited professional stock images from iStockphoto implemented on your website redesign
  • Setup of the new website on your existing web host.
  • Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization for your target keywords
  • Free updates for the first 60 days and access to my services in the future for updates and help (available for hourly charge). top ↑

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be down time during the redesign?
The site will be designed off your hosting server and moved to your server after it is complete. The downtime will be minimal…a matter of seconds or minutes and it can be done at a specific time when web traffic is at a minimum (weekends, late night)

What will happen to my old website?
Your old website will no longer be active once the new website is activated. You can download the website files for your record or I can download them from your hosting server for you and give them to you.

How do payments work?
Because my price is so low, payment is 100% up front and it is by credit card,PayPal or cash.

How long will the redesign take?
For most simple 5-10 page websites, the redesign should take around 2-3 weeks from the date of receiving payment AND all updated content (if any). Top ↑

* Web Redesign service for only 490$ is eligible for simple static websites only (up to 7 static web pages).